What Happened in March 2023 for Telos?

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Telos March 2023 Recap

The EVM Web Wallet now has a better user interface thanks to improvements made by the Telos Core Developers to Teloscan, Teloscan Indexer, and Open Block Explorer.

There was an increase in community interaction when the Telos Marketing team launched many initiatives to raise Telos visibility and encourage deeper community engagement.

To dramatically improve the Telos ecosystem, the Telos Business Development team joined forces with Gagarin World, GG Slayer, Akka Finance, and NeftyBlocks.

In March, Telos experienced an exhilarating month, participating in global conferences such as the Game Developers Conference, Paris Blockchain Week, and Outer Edge LA. The primary focus for the month revolved around GameFi, as we aimed to nurture and expand our growing GameFi ecosystem.

Boasting unparalleled network performance, Telos is an ideal match for the fast-paced, performance-driven realm of GameFi. As gamers expect nothing short of seamless and responsive experiences, the Telos network confidently delivers on these demands.

In this article, we present a detailed recap of the Telos team’s endeavors throughout March. Let’s dive in!

The Telos Core Developers (TCD) have made significant strides this month, focusing on the prioritized TCD roadmap items. They have unveiled a series of enhancements to Teloscan, Teloscan Indexer & Open Block Explorer, and greatly improved the user experience of the EVM Web Wallet.

In a bid to further solidify Telos EVM’s performance, TCD is currently collaborating with a prestigious university to produce a peer-reviewed paper. Keep an eye out for more details on this exciting development, coming soon!

  • Many small Improvements made to Teloscan, Teloscan Indexer & OBE.
  • New benchmark performance research is in production highlighting the performance of the Telos EVM (Coming soon).
  • Telos Core Developers Blockchain Roadmap released.

EVM Web Wallet Updates:

  • Integration of many features.
  • New landing page, adding wallet connect and MM login.
  • See all account balances on EVM.
  • Send and receive tokens.
  • Ability to buy TLOS directly using Simplex.

LEAP 4.0-RC2 released and running on stagenet:

  • Read Only Transactions.
  • Auto Peering with schedule proximal BP nodes.
  • Snapshot scheduling API.
  • Prometheus Exporter Plugin.
  • Log Splitting.

The Telos Marketing Team had an action-packed March! They hosted engaging AMAs, attended international conferences, and consistently delivered comprehensive updates on the latest advancements within the Telos Ecosystem. Throughout the month, the team launched several innovative initiatives to boost Telos awareness and foster deeper community engagement. These included the first ever and highly successful Telos Crew3 (now known as Zealy) Sprint, the debut of the Telos Weekly YouTube Series, the Powered by Telos GameFi Panel, and much more.

As a result, we observed a surge in community engagement, with a 10% increase in total impressions and a 42% rise in mentions on Twitter compared to February. The power of Telos continues to spread far and wide!

  • Hosted a variety of exciting Twitter Space and Discord events including: the Powered by Telos GameFi Twitters Spaces panel, Multiple AMA’s with new and existing ecosystem partners, and the continuation of our ongoing Telos Thursday Talks AMA series in Discord.
  • NEW: Swapsicle Launch — Swapsicle Launch is a brand-new launchpad service for projects looking to launch on the Telos network! Telos has committed to provide marketing support to all new projects incubated through the Swapsicle Launchpad, highlighting exciting new projects being built on Telos. In March, we introduced Launch Spaces with Swapsicle, an exciting twitter spaces AMA event featuring the latest projects being featured in the Swapsicle Launch Program.
  • NEW: TCD Roadmap Overview Series — We’ve introduced a brand-new article series breaking down each product in the TCD roadmap, giving you a deeper look for what’s planned for Telos in 2023!
  • The successful completion of Season 1 of the Telos crew3 (Now Known as Zealy). This provided increased community and ecosystem engagement through incentivising our most committed community members, providing “Quests” to earn xp and compete on leaderboards for rewards. We’ve also just launched Season 2, building off of what we learned during our first sprint.
  • NEW: Telos Weekly — Telos Weekly is a brand-new YouTube series covering the latest Telos News each week, hosted by Chris Barnes and Waxa from Helios!

Throughout the month of March, the Telos Business Development team successfully established several new partnerships that are set to significantly enhance the Telos ecosystem. These partnerships include:

Gagarin World — Telos has partnered with Gagarin World, an incubation platform designed to help power innovation in the ecosystem. Our mission to power the future of the Telos network and the blockchain overall falls right in line with their comprehensive support platforms, and we’re proud to join with them in our efforts.

Official Announcement

GG Slayer — Gaming on your favorite blockchain has just gotten better with our partnership with GG Slayer, and their focus on an ecosystem centered on gaming for the player falls right in line with the ethos of Telos. Their efforts in the world of building a fun and sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem are right at home on the cheapest. fastest, fairest network.

Official Announcement

Akka Finance — Telos also proud to announce a partnership with Akka Finance, an innovative DeFi platform that aggregates one click cross-chain swaps while offering rate efficiency for the best price for your swaps. Our partnership with Akka Finance aligns with oufr mission to promote innovation and build an efficient ecosystem on the Telos network.

Official Announcement

NeftyBlocks — Soon you’ll be able to access NeftyBlocks tooling powered by the speed and reliability of the Telos network, and the introduction of the Atomic NFT standard allows for seamless compatibility with other NFTs and NFT based protocols in the Antelope Coalition. This serves as another big step in making it clear that Telos is the place to be for an NFT!

Official Announcement

Grim Finance — Telos’ dedication to DeFi takes another foot forward as we introduce Grim Finance to the network! Users can stake LP Tokens in their vaults to receive automatically compounding rewards, delivering the best user experience imaginable for their community — powered by the Telos Blockchain.

Official Announcement

thirdWeb — Telos also would like to announce a collaboration with thirdWeb to advance the decentralized web, leveraging Telos’ technology to create innovative solutions and dApps using thirdweb’s documentation and tooling, which will be highly beneficial for the Telos ecosystem and the broader web3 community. This partnership is In line with Telos’ mission to build an ecosystem that all developers can feel at home in.

Official Announcement

Quidli — Telos and Quidli are partnering together to integrate Quidli’s tools into our blockchain network, providing new opportunities for organizations and groups to incentivize and reward their communities. With Telos’ focus on expanding upon an ecosystem built around community, this partnership aligns well with our mission to promote blockchain adoption in “regular” communities.

Official Announcement

Deesse — Telos has added another powerhouse to the family with our partnership with Deesse, a highly-addicting idle RPG game with card playing mechanics that is a callback to your favorite childhood games. Enjoy the speed, security, and reliability of Telos powering the games you know and love!

Official Announcement

WagyuSwap — In a huge partnership, one of the FASTEST DEX’s in the world has expanded outside the Velas network for the first time and created even more access to DeFi on the fairest, fastest network. Keep your coins, keep your tokens, and experience trading, staking, LP’s, farming — you name it! It’s all available on WagyuSwap, and now to the users of the Telos network.

Official Announcement

Boid — Telos has also announced a new collaboration that will enable Boid’s decentralized computing platform to operate on the Telos network, unlocking more potential for decentralized applications. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for both Telos and Boid to expand the boundaries of decentralized computing, providing ways for users to contribute their computing power and get rewards in the process!

Official Announcement

Wanchain — Using our new partnership with Wanchain, Telos aims to expand its interoperability capabilities by being integrated with their cross-chain infrastructure, which will enable Telos users to access a broader range of digital assets through custodial bridging and enhance the utility of our network with new routes to DeFi.

Official Announcement

token.art — token.art App’s user-friendly NFT management tools will now allow collectors to display the NFTs they know and love on the Telos network and more. This partnership allows users to keep track of their collections across various blockchains, marking another step in our pathway to establish Telos as a top blockchain platform for NFT creation and exchange.

Official Announcement

Chainge Finance — Chainge Finance is a one-stop-shop DeFi app that currently stands as the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX on the market. $TLOS has been integrated with Chainge Finance, allowing users to securely store $TLOS in a self-custodial wallet, swap it within the Chainge Cross-chain aggregated DEX, bridge it instantly between Fusion, Ethereum, and Telos chains, and send/receive it using wallet addresses, phone numbers, or Twitter handles. Additionally, users can utilize $TLOS to purchase goods, services, and cryptocurrencies through the Chainge decentralized escrow module.

Official Announcement

Monkey Empire — Telos has partnered with Monkey Empire, a free-to-play MMORTS game where players manage their own monkey empire by collecting resources, building structures, researching technologies, training troops, and attacking other players to expand their empire. Monkey Empire is one of our top 5 game choices for the Telos chains choice on gamefi.org!

Official Announcement

The Telos Business Development team continues to work tirelessly to foster the rapid expansion of the Telos ecosystem, with a host of promising partnerships in the works. These upcoming collaborations will undoubtedly strengthen Telos’ status as a top contender in the industry, while further enriching the experiences of our community members.

Telos NFT had its own March Madness! With a constant stream of exciting developments, it’s understandable if you’ve struggled to keep up with the latest happenings. So, let’s dive in and explore what transpired during this action-packed month.

March saw the onboarding of some key infrastructure tools, such as:

  • Token.art — a tool that allows any user to simply create NFT galleries from their phone allowing NFTs from all ecosystems to stand together
  • thirdweb — a powerful tool for developers of any stripe to deploy their own smart contracts via well laid out SDKs for builders.

Along with tooling, Telos experienced an unprecedented surge in artist grants, with five talented artists unveiling outstanding work over the course of five weeks. The community has warmly welcomed these fresh voices, and it’s been inspiring to witness how the NFT space has wholeheartedly embraced their contributions.

One of the most well-received campaigns we ran during March was in collaboration with Goat Studios, where selected works were showcased at a gallery during Outer Edge (NFTLA). This opportunity allowed 10 talented winners to proudly include an international exhibition on their professional résumés.

The Big Gooey attended Outer Edge (NFTLA), a conference now in its second year, which provided an intimate setting for connecting with industry leaders. This event enabled Telos to engage with potential partners, demonstrating our resilience and commitment even during bear markets when other major foundations may opt out of such gatherings.

Do you feel the tide changing? A Nice uptick in the market sentiment! March has been another great month for the Telos ecosystem with new applications, a lot of ongoing negotiations, increased liquidity across order books and a ton of exciting updates. This month also concludes our first quarter of 2023, significant progress has been made in terms of attracting new protocols, partners, and overall maturity in DeFi across Telos.

  • Archly rainbow road kickoff, making headwinds in attracting new users.
  • Swapsicle launchpad went live and first projects are announced.
  • Huobi Staking campaign.
  • Wagyuswap announcement.
  • Chainge Finance now supports Telos
  • New projects soon to be announced from Telos Boost program. So far 10 applications have been received (4- Rejected, 6- Approved, 1- Ongoing).
  • 25+ projects in the DeFi deal flow.
  • Onboarded new market making partner to increase liquidity depth in the order books across the top exchanges.
  • Ongoing discussions and evaluation work with top-tier exchanges
  • We currently have ~$5.6 million in assets and 40% is in TLOS token.
  • A total of 3343156 TLOS from the Telos Fuel Fund is utilized during the month of March covering salaries & expenses, Market Maker Loan, liquidity incentives to defibox, swapsicle, omnilend, archly and apeswap.
  • Snapshot of L&E funds (as of 31st March 2023):
L&E Portfolio Allocation

As March comes to a close, we reflect on an exhilarating and productive month for the Telos ecosystem. We participated in global conferences, strengthened our GameFi ecosystem, and formed numerous new partnerships, all while continually enhancing the network’s performance and user experience.

Our community has grown both in size and engagement, embracing new artists and projects in the NFT, DeFi, and GameFi space, and eagerly anticipating what the future holds. With a wide array of upcoming collaborations and developments, Telos’ position as a leading player in the blockchain industry is poised to solidify even further.

In the first quarter of 2023, Telos has made significant strides in attracting new protocols, partners, and achieving overall maturity in DeFi. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know there is still more work to be done. As we look forward to the next quarter and beyond, we remain committed to fostering innovation, expanding our ecosystem, and ensuring that the Telos network continues to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of the Telos journey, and we can’t wait to see what exciting new developments and milestones are in store as we continue to build and grow together.

Telos is a blockchain reimagining what’s possible. Telos is faster, cheaper, greener, and honest. We are leading the way for a better Web3.

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