Telos Partners with GGSlayer | Largest Global Decentralized web3 Gaming Built on the Sui network

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Partnership Announcement: Telos x GGSlayer

To boost the Web3 gaming environment, Telos has teamed with GGslayer, a Web3 gaming platform created by GG Labs.

This collaboration will increase the number of gamers using Telos by providing them with access to GGslayer’s gaming services.

The two platforms work together to build a vibrant and long-lasting Web3 gaming community.

Telos has partnered with GGSlayer, a comprehensive Web3 gaming platform developed by GG Labs, aiming to build a sustainable win-win ecosystem for Web3 gamers, investors, and developers.

GGslayer is a project developed by GG Labs that aims to create a community of Web3 gamers, investors, and developers. It provides the latest Web3 game news and updates, a launchpad for new Web3 games, a decentralized mini gaming center called G-lobby, a community-oriented accelerator and launchpad called G-pad, and a decentralized and objective game quality evaluation system called G-trust. Additionally, GGslayer includes a multi-chain, multi-ecosystem Web3 game metaverse identity system called G-soulbound. The platform is designed to provide a comprehensive Web3 gaming experience for its users.

Telos is a high-performance blockchain that provides a secure and decentralized platform for dApps and other blockchain-based projects. With cutting-edge technology that delivers scalability and accessibility, Telos makes it effortless for developers to build and launch innovative projects on its network. Telos provides the ideal technical and economic infrastructure to foster user creativity and simplify blockchain integration, connecting the world’s most imaginative projects worldwide. Telos is the go-to blockchain for high-performance dApps and projects that want to ensure the fastest speeds and rock-solid reliability.

Telos’ partnership with GGslayer will help build stronger Web3 gaming communities on Telos. This partnership will allow Telos users to access GGslayer’s suite of Web3 gaming services, and bring new gaming communities to Telos, which will help to increase the network’s user base and drive adoption. With its focus on community building and game development, GGslayer is an ideal partner for Telos as it continues to expand its reach in the Web3 gaming space. This partnership will benefit both Telos and GGslayer, as we work together to build a stronger and more vibrant Web3 gaming ecosystem.

This partnership between Telos and GGslayer will help bolster the Telos Web3 gaming ecosystem. This collaboration will provide Telos users access to GGslayer’s comprehensive Web3 gaming services as well as assist in expanding Telos’ gaming user base. This partnership highlights our shared goal of expanding and improving the GameFi ecosystem, paving the way for a more interconnected and thriving Web3 gaming community.

GGslayer is a comprehensive Web3 gaming platform developed by GG Labs, aiming to build a sustainable win-win ecosystem for Web3 gamers, investors, and developers.

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Telos is a blockchain reimagining what’s possible. Telos is faster, cheaper, greener, and honest. We are leading the way for a better Web 3.

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