Telos Partners with Expert Launchpad for Project Acceleration and IDO GARGARIN World

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Partnership Announcement: Telos x GARGARIN World

Telos and Gagarin.World, a platform for blockchain idea incubation, have teamed. The partnership will offer projects based on Telos extensive assistance and services, including marketing, commercial support, technical development, and operational advising.

By this agreement, the blockchain sector will be encouraged to innovate and flourish, and blockchain technology will be widely adopted. 80,000 people make up the Gagarin.World community, which provides a broad variety of services to help cryptocurrency firms launch successfully.

The alliance between Telos and Gagarin.World fosters the expansion and development of blockchain ecosystems, especially those based on Telos.

Telos has partnered with GARGARIN World, an incubation platform that provides comprehensive support to blockchain projects.

Gagarin is an incubation platform that provides comprehensive support to blockchain projects. Its suite of services includes project design, development, marketing, and community management. Gagarin.World is dedicated to empowering blockchain projects and nurturing innovation in the industry.

Telos is a high-performance blockchain that provides a secure and decentralized platform for dApps and other blockchain-based projects. With cutting-edge technology that delivers scalability and accessibility, Telos makes it effortless for developers to build and launch innovative projects on its network. Telos provides the ideal technical and economic infrastructure to foster user creativity and simplify blockchain integration, connecting the world’s most imaginative projects worldwide. Telos is the go-to blockchain for high-performance dApps and projects that want to ensure the fastest speeds and rock-solid reliability.

This partnership aims to foster innovation and growth in the blockchain industry and the Telos ecosystem by offering comprehensive support and services to projects building on Telos. Leveraging the unparalleled features of the Telos blockchain and Gargarin platform, the collaboration will provide marketing, business support, operational consulting, and technical development assistance to projects launching on Telos. This partnership brings together the expertise, resources, and proven track record of both of our organizations, enabling the exploration of new opportunities and the delivery of innovative solutions to drive blockchain ecosystem development on a global scale.

This collaboration between Telos and Gagarin.World marks a significant milestone in advancing the blockchain industry by providing comprehensive support and services to blockchain projects. By uniting the strengths of both of our organizations, this partnership is poised to create a nurturing environment that facilitates the growth and development of blockchain ecosystems, particularly those building on Telos. By harnessing the power of Telos’ high-performance blockchain and Gagarin.World’s incubation platform, the partnership aims to drive global adoption of blockchain technology and position Telos as the go-to solution for innovative projects worldwide.

GAGARIN is a web3 ecosystem that brings together a community of 80,000 and provides crypto startups with a full range of services for a successful launch, and enables investors to buy tokens from the best projects and earn money with a protection system.

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