Telos Foundation and TCD Reveal Layer Zero “Telos Zero” | 2023 Consensus Recap

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Telos Foundation and TCD Reveal Layer Zero “Telos Zero” | 2023 Consensus Recap


Recently, the Telos Foundation and Telos Core Developers (TCD) attended Consensus 2023, a much-anticipated event that drew blockchain fans and experts from all over the world.

This occasion proved to be a priceless chance for the Telos team to forge new alliances, solidify preexisting ones, and reveal their ground-breaking evolution into layer zero, appropriately dubbed “Telos Zero.” Chris Barnes, a Telos Guardian, gave a thorough overview of the team’s daily activities throughout the conference, throwing light on the Telos Foundation, Telos Core Developers Team, and their ambitious goals for the Telos Network.

The Telos Foundation and TCD proudly marked their presence at Consensus 2023, a significant conference for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals globally. This event served as a dynamic platform for the Telos team, allowing us to forge valuable connections, reinforce existing partnerships, and cultivate new partnerships. Amid the event’s buzz, Telos made a groundbreaking announcement of its transformation into layer zero, aptly named “Telos Zero”. During our attendance at Consensus, Telos Guardian Chris Barnes chronicled our daily engagements, shedding light on the Telos Foundation, Telos Core Developers Team, and their forward-thinking plans for the Telos Network. This article brings together all these insightful videos in a single location, inviting you to embark on a virtual journey of our amazing experience at Consensus 2023!

Day 1 — Recap


  • Meet the Telos Foundation Team!
  • The kick-off to Consensus discussion panel!
  • A look into the Telos GameFi Vision!

Day 2 — Recap


  • Exclusive interviews on the event floor!
  • Meet the TF COO!
  • The future of Telos ecosystem partnerships!

Day 3— Recap


  • Bonus Interviews on the event floor!

Telos Thursday Talks — Live From Consensus 2023!


  • Community Q&A.
  • An update from the Telos Team at Consensus!

Day 4 — Recap


  • New interviews on the event floor!
  • Exclusive interviews with TF Team Members!

Bonus Edition Recap


  • Exclusive Interviews with Telos Ecosystem Partners Boid and Swapsicle!
  • TF and TCD Team Members Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Telos!

Telos Zero Launch Trailer

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