Telos and Zealy Season 3 Launches May 3: More Partner dApp Quests and a Focus on DeFi Protocols and NFTs

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Telos x Zealy Season 3: Partner Up!

Are you prepared for Telos x Zealy’s upcoming exciting season? Season 3 of the well-known blockchain-based tournament has been officially launched, and it promises even more partner dApps, on-chain activities, and earning opportunities.

Telos x Zealy Season 3: Partner Up is certain to be a popular with the expanding Telos community thanks to a larger reward pool, improved involvement, and useful feedback rewards.

Telos x Zealy Season 2 was a great success, with increased participation, a larger reward pool, and higher user retention. We thank all our Telos Community members who entered the competition and contributed to its success. Now, we are thrilled to announce that Telos x Zealy Season 3 will launch on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 5 PM UTC. Get ready for Telos x Zealy Season 3: Partner Up!

In Season 2, our new partner “Quests” with Robinos, Swapsicle, Token.Art, and RocketX garnered fantastic participation. In Season 3, we will increase the focus to a wider range of partner dApps and more on-chain actions. Participants can expect many more partner dApp Quests, with a focus on our Telos DeFi protocols and our partner artists’ Telos NFTs.

Due to the increase in participation during Season 2, the previously upgraded prize pool will once again remain at $2500 USD, split among the top 50 members. We also anticipate closer ties between our Zealy and new Link3 communities. Stay tuned for more earning opportunities by combining Link3 attendance with our Twitter and Discord AMAs, and Quests on Zealy.

This season, engagement and feedback will be heavily rewarded. Although Discord level-ups had been planned for Season 2, they took more fine-tuning and optimization than expected. We are keen to make Discord and Telegram “levels” a vital part of the Zealy experience. We will also look closely at the most active members of our channels for their feedback and advice on how to improve the program through Season 3. With that in mind, keep an eye out for more ‘interactive’ Quests this Season..

We are proud of the growing community we have built and express our gratitude to all our loyal and active members. The best way to stay in the know and updated on Zealy, Link3 and all of our community initiatives, is to make sure you are in our official Telos Network Discord, join us here:

For info on all of winners, prize distribution and rankings in Telos x Zealy Season 2, don’t forget to check the winner’s table at this link here.

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