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Partnership Announcement: Telos x NeftyBlocks

The leading Trade-to-Earn marketplace for NFTs built on the WAX blockchain, NeftyBlocks, has collaborated with Telos, a high-performance blockchain.

This partnership promises to transform the Telos NFT landscape and open it up to a larger audience. Modern features and tools from NeftyBlocks will be included into the Telos Native Network, opening up previously unimaginable opportunities for both producers and collectors.

By strengthening the dedication of both Telos and NeftyBlocks to advance decentralized digital art, collectibles, and creative use cases, this alliance represents a significant step forward.

Telos has joined forces with NeftyBlocks, the premier Trade-to-Earn marketplace for purchasing, selling, and crafting digital collectibles. With our EVM thriving for over 500 days, it’s easy to overlook our potent native layer. This underlying network not only boasts superior transaction capabilities, but also serves as the foundation for Telos’ burgeoning NFT ecosystem. Our native integration with NeftyBlocks is set to revolutionize the Telos NFT landscape, ushering in a new era of digital collectibles.

NeftyBlocks is a platform built on the WAX blockchain, which is designed for the creation, management, and trading of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It offers a user-friendly interface for artists, creators, and collectors to mint, manage, and sell NFTs. NeftyBlocks provides a suite of tools and services, including a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, as well as tools for creating drops, packs, and blends. It aims to simplify the process of NFT creation and management, making it more accessible to a wider audience in the growing NFT space.

Telos is a high-performance blockchain that provides a secure and decentralized platform for dApps and other blockchain-based projects. With cutting-edge technology that delivers scalability and accessibility, Telos makes it effortless for developers to build and launch innovative projects on its network. Telos provides the ideal technical and economic infrastructure to foster user creativity and simplify blockchain integration, connecting the world’s most imaginative projects worldwide. Telos is the go-to blockchain for high-performance dApps and projects that want to ensure the fastest speeds and rock-solid reliability.

NeftyBlocks will be integrating with the Telos Native Network, bringing two ground-breaking structural enhancements that will significantly impact our native chain. Firstly, the introduction of the Atomic NFT standard establishes compatibility with other chains in the Antelope Coalition, paving the way for seamless cross-chain NFT transactions. Secondly, and more significantly, NeftyBlocks is launching a comprehensive suite of tools designed to unlock unprecedented possibilities for creators and founders in the NFT space.

Among the most notable features are a state-of-the-art marketplace, NFT packs reminiscent of collectible baseball cards, burnable assets, and the innovative blending/crafting mechanism that allows the fusion of two NFTs to produce unique, new ones. This cutting-edge toolkit is poised to unleash the true potential of the Telos Native Network, and everyone’s buzzing with excitement!

As the NFT market continues to expand, this partnership signifies a major milestone in advancing decentralized digital art, collectibles, and innovative use cases, reinforcing the commitment of both Telos and NeftyBlocks to drive the NFT space forward.

This partnership between Telos and NeftyBlocks heralds a new chapter in the world of digital collectibles on Telos, fostering innovation and empowering creators and collectors alike. The integration of NeftyBlocks’ state-of-the-art features and tools into the Telos Native Network will not only revolutionize the NFT landscape, but also pave the way for seamless cross-chain NFT transactions. As the NFT market evolves at an unprecedented pace, Telos and NeftyBlocks remain committed to pushing the boundaries and shaping the future of decentralized digital art, collectibles, and novel applications. With an ever-growing community of creators, enthusiasts, and visionaries, the Telos-NeftyBlocks collaboration promises to leave an indelible mark on the rapidly expanding NFT ecosystem.

NeftyBlocks is the #1 trade-to-Earn marketplace for buying, selling and creating digital collectibles. Explore the power of NFTs today using a wide range of community-driven tools.

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