Guide to Staking TLOS to REX and Utilizing REX Savings

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Investing in blockchain technology often presents opportunities for growth not just through asset appreciation, but also via mechanisms like staking. Within the Telos ecosystem, staking TLOS tokens to REX (Resource Exchange) and managing REX savings is a strategic method to maximize one’s holdings. This detailed guide is designed to elucidate the process of staking your TLOS to REX, deriving rewards, and managing REX savings efficiently.

Understanding the Basics of TLOS and REX on Telos

Before diving into the staking process, it is crucial to grasp the essentials of TLOS and REX. TLOS is the native cryptocurrency of the Telos blockchain, a network designed for high-speed, scalable decentralized applications. REX is an innovative resource lending model within Telos, allowing TLOS token holders to lend their resources and earn rewards in return.

Initiating the Staking Process: How to Stake TLOS to REX

The journey to staking begins with ensuring your wallet is connected to the Telos network. We recommend using the Telos Explorer, an efficient gateway to interact with the blockchain.

Step 1: Staking Your TLOS to REX

  1. Navigate to the Telos Explorer and connect your wallet.
  2. Access the ‘Staking (REX)’ option under the ‘Wallet’ menu.
  3. Enter the desired amount of TLOS you wish to stake.
  4. Confirm your action by selecting ‘Stake TLOS’.
  5. Observe your staked TLOS as it will be displayed under TOTAL TLOS STAKED and as MATURING.

Step 2: The Maturation Period of Staked REX

Upon staking your TLOS to REX, a maturation window of 3-5 days commences. During this period, staked tokens begin the process of earning REX rewards. Understanding the rewards system and maturation timeline is vital for strategic planning and return optimization.

Leveraging REX Savings: How to Move and Manage Savings

After the maturation period, the next step involves managing your REX savings for additional security and potential interest benefits.

Step 3: Transferring Staked REX to Savings

  1. Wait for your staked REX to mature fully.
  2. Proceed to ‘Savings’ within the menu.
  3. Input the amount of matured TLOS you wish to move to savings.
  4. Execute the transfer by clicking on ‘Move to Savings’.
  5. Your savings will be visibly updated in the designated savings block.

Step 4: Withdrawing from REX Savings

To access your funds from savings:

  1. Select ‘Savings’ from the Telos Explorer menu.
  2. Enter the amount of TLOS you intend to withdraw from savings.
  3. Initiate the withdrawal with the ‘Withdraw From Savings’ option.
  4. The withdrawn amount will now reflect as MATURED TLOS.

Unstaking from REX: A Step-by-Step Procedure

The final phase of the staking cycle involves unstaking your TLOS from REX after the maturation period.

Step 5: The Unstaking Process

  1. Choose ‘Unstake’ from the explorer’s menu once your TLOS is matured.
  2. Specify the quantity of TLOS you want to unstake.
  3. Confirm by clicking on ‘Unstake TLOS’.
  4. The matured TLOS will then be released and made available in your wallet.

Optimizing Your Staking Strategy

To maximize the benefits of staking TLOS to REX and managing savings, a proactive approach is required. Monitor the maturation of your investments, stay updated on Telos network updates, and adjust your strategy accordingly.


In the evolving world of blockchain investments, staking TLOS to REX and effectively managing REX savings on the Telos blockchain stands out as a robust strategy to foster digital asset growth. Through diligent application of the aforementioned steps, and a comprehensive understanding of the Telos ecosystem, we can engage in staking with confidence, contributing to a faster, fairer future in the decentralized landscape.

We encourage you to leverage these insights and tools to your advantage, and as always, perform due diligence and consider your individual financial situation when engaging in blockchain investments.