Ethereum Praise from Solana Co-founder: The MakerDAO Fork Controversy

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The crypto universe is buzzing, and the name on everyone’s lips? Solana. With MakerDAO’s CEO, Rune Christensen, singing its praises and hinting at a game-changing transition, the crypto community is in a frenzy.

But Solana’s co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, brings a reality check to the euphoria, reminding everyone of the roots of innovation and the essence of open-source.

Amidst the tech jargon, potential partnerships, and token sales, one thing’s clear: the blockchain world is witnessing yet another riveting chapter. Stick around because this one’s unfolding right before our eyes.

Solana’s (SOL) co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, has cautioned the blockchain community against harboring resentment towards Ethereum (ETH) following recent praise from MakerDAO’s (MKR) CEO, Rune Christensen.

MakerDAO is considering Solana

In a recent blog post, Christensen unveiled the MakerDAO Endgame plan’s final phase, revealing a comprehensive reimagining of the DeFi protocol on a novel forked version of Solana, which will be named NewChain.

Christensen highlighted Solana’s technical prowess and optimization as factors that make it ideal for his platform’s blockchain network. Additionally, he noted that Solana has demonstrated impressive resilience despite the issues it faced due to FTX’s collapse, bolstering its position with a thriving developer community. This robust ecosystem reduces development and maintenance costs and guarantees a consistent pool of top-tier talent.

Christensen further hinted that NewChain could serve as a vital bridge connecting Ethereum and Solana. He wrote:

“Because we benefit from the core Solana ecosystem being resilient, it would be strategically beneficial to ensure there is a Two-Stage Gravity Bridge from NewChain to Solana alongside the bridge from NewChain to Ethereum.”

Yakovenko says Maker plan is a ‘win for open source’

Following the revelation, some crypto community members interpreted Maker’s choice as a victory for Solana while simultaneously mocking Ethereum.

However, Yakovenko urged caution, saying Maker’s consideration was a win for open-source technology and had “nothing to do with Solana’s mainnet or sol vs. eth.” He added:

“Ethereum is awesome. Solana wasn’t built in a vacuum, and tons and tons of things that make Solana special were built based on Ethereum’s r&d.”

Buterin dumps all MKR tokens

On the other hand, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sold all his MKR tokens for 353 ETH, around $581,000, through CoW protocol DEX, according to Arkham Intelligence’s dashboard.

Many are pondering the underlying motive for the sale, with many speculating that this might be a retaliatory action. However, this seems unlikely, considering Buterin’s prior endorsements of the Solana network.

Nevertheless, the action has attracted attention from prominent figures in the crypto community, including Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Network.


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